Nannup Nectar’ and ‘Tiger Port’ are legendary

Tathra’s boutique winery – Grape wines.

Tathra’s boutique winery was established in 1990 and made fine matured fruit wines, in 2016 we converted the winery over to grape wines.

Tathra Tiger Port, Nannup Nectar – Fine Matured Plum Wine, The Spirit of Jarrah Fruit Liqueur were our traditional fruit wines and legendary in the region. Now we have a Classic White and Classic Red, perfect to enjoy with your lunch.

Classic White Wine

classic white wine is blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc which is perfect for our West Australian

Climate, drink now or savour for a little wine. Sauvignon blanc is a green skinned white wine grape that is originally from the Bordeaux region in France. Sauvignon blanc grows well in the hilly and river flats areas around Nannup. Semillonis a golden skinned grape variety used to make white wines, and is very common in both France (where it is originally from) and Australia.

Classic Red Wine

Our classic red wine is a blended Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for our West Australian Climate, sitting by the fire and enjoy or chill for the perfect mid summer treat. Cabernet Sauvignon the perfect red grape for blending and is one of the world’s most commonly grown red wine grape. Cabernet Sauvignon also grows well in the hilly and river flats areas around Nannup.


Drop into our winery located Blackwood River Tourist Drive 251, Nannup Western Australia, stay and enjoy a morning tea or light lunch. See you soon.

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